Princess pics


Check out our little princess! Thank you for taking the pictures Laura! They are beautiful!

Our Little Pumpkins

Evan fell in-love with this pumpkin costume. He looks so cute! Then i was in Walmart and saw a pumpkin costume for McKayla and couldn't resist!

Blessing pic

McKayla Blessing

We blessed McKayla over conference weekend while her Zwygart grandparents were here from Idaho. Uncle Cliff, Grandpa Morris, Daddy Josh, Bishop, Great-Grandpa Morris and Grandpa Zwygart all were in the circle while Josh gave the blessing!


McKayla Ruth

This is our baby girl. Born 7 wks ago. 4.1 lbs 16" long. The story of McKayla is quite amazing. I went in for my 36wk appointment and had found that she was only measuring to be 30 wks. They decided that for her safety, we needed to get her out. So i received two steroid shots (for lung development) and was then scheduled to be induced. I had problems being induced because her heart rate kept dropping, in which case i was then rushed into having a c-section. These are in no case fun! It was miserable. Being so drugged and having McKayla in the nicu stopped me from seeing her for a few days! Again very miserable. After spending 2 weeks in the nicu, McKayla is finally home with the family! She is on a heart monitor which she will probably have for another month. We are grateful for her and our struggling sleepless nights! What would we do without them?