Evan Haircut

This week wasn't too exciting. My dad was put into the bishoprick and his side of the family came to church with us. It was nice seeing all of them. I have also been making progress in having McKaylas room as well as the kids bathroom upstairs completely painted and decorated! Two rooms down and the rest of the house left! McKayla is getting a little easier (knock on wood). Evan is still really cute. His uncles will have a blast with him at christmas! Yesturday we decided that evan needed a haircut, so we cut if off again! it's a #2. Now i realized that probably wasn't the smartest, it's so cold outside and now he's bald!

Doctor Visits

This past monday the kids had doctor visits. At 2 yrs Evan weighs a whopping 32 lbs. Then at 2 months McKayla weighs 7.12 lbs and is 20.5 inches long. So she hasn't even doubled her birth weight yet...but at least she is progressing! And she is still wearing new born clothes (we made it out of preemie!!). MaKayla is so sweet (tomorrow morning i may feel differently..ha!). She still loves to curl up in a little ball and arch her back when you pick her up. She is still on the heart monitor. I think she will be on it for a while. The doctor said she wants MaKayla so have it till she doesn't have any more episodes where her heart rate rises or drops, but she is still having too many episodes. It's a bit of comfort to have the monitor, however i hate it! Dragging it everywhere is a bit of a pain. Any ways, i'll be surprised to have it off by christmas (but i still gotta keep my hopes high).

Evan Birthday

Okay i knew this was gonna happen...creating the blog and not updating it on a regular basis. With that i promise to do better in the future. Any ways, evan turned 2 years 10 days ago. I can't believe he is so old! For his birthday we had some family and friends over for cake. Evan got a bike from grandma and grandpa Zwygart which he still asks to ride everyday! He also got a chair that matches our living room furniture. He looks so cute sitting in it!

Princess pics


Check out our little princess! Thank you for taking the pictures Laura! They are beautiful!

Our Little Pumpkins

Evan fell in-love with this pumpkin costume. He looks so cute! Then i was in Walmart and saw a pumpkin costume for McKayla and couldn't resist!

Blessing pic