Evan Haircut

This week wasn't too exciting. My dad was put into the bishoprick and his side of the family came to church with us. It was nice seeing all of them. I have also been making progress in having McKaylas room as well as the kids bathroom upstairs completely painted and decorated! Two rooms down and the rest of the house left! McKayla is getting a little easier (knock on wood). Evan is still really cute. His uncles will have a blast with him at christmas! Yesturday we decided that evan needed a haircut, so we cut if off again! it's a #2. Now i realized that probably wasn't the smartest, it's so cold outside and now he's bald!


Heather on the moor said...

I can't wait to see your kids and teach them all of the things that you don't want them to know. It is going to be great. Well hope you have a great week. Love you all lots.

The Zwygarts said...

Thanks for keeping this updated - I hope Evan has hair when you get here so he doesn't freeze! Tell your dad congratulations.

Brad Lane said...

hey girl. it's erin bennett. i think i still have your cell number. we need to catch up. you don't blog anymore :( they are looking for your contact info for reunion stuff. can you email it to me? erin_lane@att.net

talk to you soooon